Q: I have a question, but who to I ask?

A: Use The Game Changer help page to browse frequently asked questions, submit a support ticket, or contact Ernie Ball / Music Man customer service.

Q: What is The Game Changer?

A: The Game Changer is a patent-pending pickup switching system, which allows the player to combine any order of pickup coils in series, parallel, in or out of phase, giving you access to the most extensive library of never-before-heard tones. Imagine having complete tonal control of your instrument, with over 250,000 pickup combinations, without manually rewiring anything! True to form, the audio signal is never digitized or modeled in any way, providing a transparent analog signal path for the absolute purist. In conjunction with The Game Changer web application, you can create, save, and share your tonal selections with the world!


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