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Q: Can I still use the app even if I don’t have a Game Changer instrument?

A: The app will still work as an emulator without a Game Changer instrument.

Q: The app froze; what do I do?

A: Force quit the application and reopen it.

Q: What iOS devices are supported for use with the Game Changer App?

A: The Game Changer App will work on all Apple iPads running at least iOS version 4.3.

Q: Why isn't my iOS device communicating with The Game Changer anymore?

A: On a rare occasion, this may occur. To fix this, simply unplug the MIDI hardware from the iPad and cycle power on the guitar. Restart the app and everything should be working again.

Q: Why won’t the iPad communicate with The Game Changer?

A: (i) Is the app in audition mode? If audition mode is on, the audition button in the top right corner will be green. (ii) What is your current firmware version on The Game Changer? You might not have the most recent firmware. To check, plug The Game Changer into a computer via the USB plug, go to, and go to the settings menu. If the “Update Firmware” button appears, there is a firmware update available for The Game Changer. (iii) Ensure that you do not have a low or dead battery via the web app’s setting screen. (iv) Ensure that The Game Changer instrument is setup for MIDI IN mode, via the web app MIDI settings. (v) Ensure that the MIDI plug is connected to the “MIDI Out” on your MIDI hardware. (vi) If you tried the above and you are still having an issue, unplug everything from The Game Changer and iPad and restart the iPad.

Q: Will The Game Changer app work on iOS 7?

A: The iOS app works with iOS 7 and shouldn't have any issues.
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