Web Application

Q: Can I connect 2 or more instruments to the same computer and/or web browser?

A: No, only 1 instrument can be connected at a time.

Q: Do I need a Game Changer to use the web app?

A: No, you can click the "Enable Device Emulator" on the main page of the application, select an instrument from the drop down menu at the top of the page, and use the web app as if you had a Game Changer of your own!

Q: How do I use The Game Changer Web app?

A: View video tutorials and other informative videos at http://gamechanger.music-man.com/videos.eb

Q: What web browsers and operating systems are supported for use with The Game Changer?

A: Currently Google Chrome can be used on Mac OSX 10.6 and new as well as Windows XP and newer.


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Web Application

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