Q: How do I update the firmware on The Game Changer?

A: Go to the settings tab on the web app, if your instrument needs updating, you should see an "UPDATE FIRMWARE" button If this is the case, simply click this button while your guitar is connected via USB, wait for everything to download. Once the download is complete, you will have to do a power cycle on the instrument by completely unplugging it from any jack, then plugging either the 1/4" or USB jack back in. The instrument will then start updating itself for about 3-7 minutes (during this time the red light on the battery box will remain lit). Once the red light goes out, the instrument is updated. Please note that the presets on the guitar will be changed back to factory defaults, so be sure to back them up prior to updating!

Q: How do I use The Game Changer?

A: View video tutorials and other informative videos at

Q: How does MIDI work on The Game Changer?

A: The Game Changer (can be connected to standard MIDI capable rigs via the DIN jack (located next to the 1/4" jack) with a non-powered 5 pin MIDI cable. The user will define, via TGC web app, whether the jack is used as a MIDI IN or OUT (factory default = MIDI IN). Note: MIDI IN/OUT cannot be used simultaneously due to MIDI hardware standards. -MIDI IN allows users to activate TGC functionality from external MIDI controllers using program change or control change commands. TGC functionality includes selecting any preset in bank A, B, or Z; Toggling piezo on/off; Toggling MUTE on/off; and more! -MIDI OUT makes TGC a MIDI controller, which can send program and control changes from the instrument when activating the preset selector, bank A/B or Z, and piezo switches. ***Note: DO NOT USE POWERED MIDI CABLES to connect to The Game Changer. Doing so could damage the instrument and void your warranty! ***Note: MIDI on The Game Changer is not used as a musical note controller, it is used for program and control changes only (basically, switching rig configurations, not synthesizing) ***Note: The Game Changer's DIN jack does NOT send audio signals. The 1/4" instrument jack is always used to send audio to the rig/amplifier.

Q: What does the red light on the battery hatch signify?

A: The red light should blink once when the instrument is turned on or off. When in use, the light should remain off until the batteries start to get close to end of life. Once they get close, the light will start blinking and there is about 3-4 hours left of live play. At this point, make sure you are not going to be "mid-gig" when they reach end of life! Also, after upgrading the firmware and performing the first power cycle, the memory will update for about 5-10 minutes, and during this time the battery will remain lit. Lastly, be sure to change out all 3 batteries during replacement!!

Q: What instruments are available with The Game Changer pickup switching circuit?

A: Please review the Instrument Specification page at for more information.

Q: What is a useful setup for MIDI IN?

A: If a user wants to use a MIDI foot controller to activate their solo tone settings on their amp and effects, they can also activate their solo preset settings on The Game Changer simultaneously! Simply stomping on one foot pedal can change their entire rig, amp, AND pickup tones at once!!

Q: What is a useful setup for MIDI OUT?

A: If a user wants to flip to their solo pickup tone via the 5 way preset selector switch on The Game Changer, multiple MIDI commands can be programmed to be sent out simultaneously. Therefore, when a user switches to their favorite pickup on The Game Changer, they can also switch all of their effects, amp settings, and more without running back to their pedal board!

Q: What is the difference between ACTIVE and PASSIVE settings on The Game Changer?

A: For active banks on The Game Changer guitar, there is an output buffer added to the signal just before the output jack. This buffer doesn't change the actual tone of the instrument. However, it DOES prevent things in your signal chain from negatively affecting the true tone of the pickups. The buffer "drives" the signal down the signal chain, and eliminates things like long lengths of high capacitive cables from loading down the pickups. In passive settings, there is no buffer, and things like the aforementioned cable and/or other "tone sucking" pedals, etc..., could diminish the high frequencies in your tone. On The Game Changer guitar, the passive tone pot is always used before the buffer. The same buffer is applied to the output of The Game Changer bass. However, in passive mode, you can control your tone with a passive tone pot; in active mode, you can control your tone with a 4 band active EQ.


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