Blues Saraceno

Blues Saraceno received his first record deal at the tender age of 16 with "Guitar for The Practicing Musician." The first record is called "Never Look Back". He then recorded "Plaid" and "Hairpick" for " Guitar For The Practicing Musician" as well (All of them before the age of twenty). All three were instrumental albums that sold well over 100,000 copies. He went on to play with Michael Bolton, Taylor Dayne, Cher, and at the age of seventeen began to tour the world several times over with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker of "Cream" filling the guitar slot that was originally held by Eric Clapton. He recorded "Crack a Smile" with the band POISON, their last album for Capitol Records.

Since the music scene has changed with the birth of the Internet, and many artist's works are being stolen by illegal downloads, it only made sense to integrate his material into Television and Motion Pictures. All you need to do now is turn on your T.V. set and, whether you are watching the News, Sports, the Weather Channel, or your latest Daytime or Nightime Drama, you well may be hearing his riffs and compositions. Just check the Composer / Producer section for some of the titles...

The list of session work he has done spans the last twenty years and is much too long and varied for this brief Bio. Artists have ranged from "Ziggy Marley" (Dragonfly) to "Melissa Etheridge" (Lucky). He has earned a reputation as being a "go-to guy" for many of Los Angeles top record producers and engineers.

He has been working on many Television Shows for various networks as well as commercials both in the U.S. and outside (see producer section). He also has been producing and recording for Music Libraries and other artists (see producer and composer sections)