Tony Levin

A true Bass Legend guesting with many notable acts including Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Paul Simon, and John Lennon. Tony was born in Boston and studied classical music, eventually furthering his studies at the Eastman school of Music in Rochester NY. He soon became a session musician, playing on numerous records while meeting producer Bob Ezrin. Bob introduced him to Peter Gabriel in the late 70's and Tony has been recording and touring as a permanent member since. During this time Tony invented the "Funk Fingers" lending a percussive element to his technique and popularized on the song "Big Time" from Peter's platinum solo c.d. "So". At the same time Tony is noted for his use of the Chapman Stick, a stringed instrument which is played by tapping the strings instead of picking or plucking to create a note. Tonys work can be found on many great releases including John Lennon's Double Fantasy, King Crimson's "Thrak" and most recently a solo recorded by Brian "Head Welch" of Korn fame.